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League History

In 1999, 8 teams in the state of Oklahoma formed the OFL – Oklahoma Football league. The Tulsa Stampede defeated the Yukon Bandits, 21-15, for the inaugural OFL Championship.

The 2000 season saw  the Oklahoma Panthers beat the Lawton Big Guns, 21-12, to win the 6-team affair.

In 2001, the Wichita Aztecas, from Kansas, were the first out-of-state addition, in what would become a long line of non-Oklahoma based teams that would come and go for the next 11 seasons. In the 4-team "round-robin" affair of games, the Championship is still disputed to this day, as the Southwest (Lawton) Rebels and the Wichita (KS) Aztecas got signals crossed as to what day and location their game was to be played. Even 10+ years later, both teams still lay claim to having the championship forfeited to them.

2002 saw the formation of a 6-team, all Oklahoma OFL, as Kansas refused to come back and play, as a result of the disputed '01 championship. The newly formed McAlester Bulls, would quickly become a National power-house, running the table to an OFL Championship (28-9 over Stigler), while punishing the other 5 teams 196-55.

In 2003, the OFL expanded to 11 teams and a 4-state league, with the addition of teams from Missouri, the Joplin Crusaders, and the Silverbacks from Arkansas, and the return of the Wichita (KS) Aztecas. Ironically, the Oklahoma Football League's Championship game was an all non-Oklahoman game, seeing the new Joplin (MO) Crusaders defeating the Wichita (KS) Aztecas, 14-0.

2004 saw a lot of changes for the "OFL": With 4 states represented (KS, MO, AR & OK), the league decided to change its name to the Central Football League (CFL). It also saw its largest field of 16 teams, the league was constructed with a North, South, East & West divisional style. The 2nd year Joplin Crusaders ran the table (10-0) and clinched their 2nd straight title after dispatching the Northern Oklahoma Rampage 34-15.

15 teams took to the field in 2005, playing in Red-Blue conferences, where the 10 "established teams" played in a 5-team East/West division (Red Conference), while 5 "newer teams" played their own "round-robin" schedule (Blue Conference). The Crusaders of Joplin played for their 3rd straight title, only to fall to the Oklahoma (Lawton) Rebels 33-12. The Eastern Oklahoma Timberwolves defeated the Oklahoma Gunners 16-6 for the Blue Conference crown.

2006 had 2 divisions of 6 teams duke it out for the title. When all the dust finally settled, the CFL Championship was a rematch of the year before, but the result was the same: The Rebels over the Crusaders, 28-6.

In 2007, the CFL saw its furthest expansion ever, to 5 states, with the acceptance of the North Texas Falcons, out of Wichita Falls, TX. The Falcons intended to make a statement of their own, knocking off the 2-time defending Rebel Champs, 38-34, in their divisional Championship. The Falcons then turned their sites on a run for the championship, but unfortunately for Texas, the Joplin Crusaders would be playing in their 5th straight title game and were determined to retake the league championship & their 3rd title. The Championship was a dog fight from the opening kickoff, but experience triumphed over youth & Joplin won 38-21.

Some disgruntled teams left the CFL to venture out on their own, leaving only 10 teams to fend for the 2008 CFL trophy. After seeing a forfeit-free season, all 10 teams got a shot for the title. Joplin once again posted an undefeated record, easily claiming their 2nd straight and 4th overall championship, beating the newly formed Oklahoma Outlawz 18-6.

2009 saw only 8 teams take the field, but with the same results as the 2 previous years. It wasn't as easy for the 2-time champs, as the Joplin Crusaders had to honestly earn their way to the championship. Having to go to a 5th overtime against the Kansas Cougars, well past midnight, of a game that kicked off at 7pm, Joplin kicked a FG and held Kansas out of the end zone for a 22-19 berth to the championship. On the other side of the bracket the brand-new Enid Enforcers dominated the Rebels 42-13. Joplin would go on to beat the Enid Enforcers, 20-15, to lay claim to back-to-back-to-back titles and their 5th overall.

Back up to 8 teams, 2010 saw the "dethroning of the mighty Cru", as Joplin failed to even make the title game for the first time in their 8 year existence. Instead CFL Fans watched two other teams fight for the prize and the Kansas Cougars soundly defeated the Enid Enforcers 27-3 for their 1st ever title.

2011 witnessed 7 teams suit up. The Kansas Cougars were determined to defend their title and defend it they did! Kansas' lose to the Arkansas Warriors on May 7th, gave them them their first lose of the season (and what would turn out to be their only lose of the season). Kansas disposed of Enid in their rematch of the previous year's title game and awaited to see if they'd get a much-desired rematch with Arkansas or if Joplin would regain their swagger. The Warriors must have wanted a 5/7 rematch, as they barely broke a sweat by dispatching Joplin 24-7. In what has become of the best championship games ever played in the CFL (or in the OFL), the Cougars and Warriors matched each other down to the wire. Kansas was determined to avenge their earlier loss and edged the Warriors 21-20 for their 2nd straight championship.

2012  had 6 teams take to the field: 4 familiar ones: the Arkansas Warriors, the Enid Enforcers, the Joplin Crusaders, & the 2-time defending champs Kansas Cougars. Joining them, the Stillwater Outlaws & the newly formed Oklahoma Chiefs. The regular season ended in a 3-way tie with Enid, Joplin & Kansas having to go down to the triple tie-break to determine the seeding for the playoffs.  After a rematch of the 2011 semifinals,with opposite results, the Championship saw a rematch of the 2009 Championships between Joplin & Enid. The game was very similar in fashion, except the outcome was reversed. Enid scored two defensive touchdowns in the second half, to regain the lead and held Joplin off to win their first Championship by a score of 28-21.